Health Canada approves isoquercetin COVID-19 trial – ICAV network 2nd trial

July 17th 2020

The second COVID-19 clinical trial emanating from the ICAV network has been approved by Health Canada.

The trial, with a wide spectrum anti-viral called “isoquercetin”, will be conducted under the leadership of Dr. Michel Chrétien, and is sponsored by the Montreal Clinical Research Institute (MCRI)/Institut de Recherches Cliniques de Montréal (IRCM). The trial targets patients hospitalized with mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms.

The anti-viral activity of isoquercetin has been the subject of an ongoing collaboration between the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg and Dr. Chrétien’s laboratory at the MCRI/IRCM.



Dr. Jeremy Carver and the ICAV drug development team are providing expert support for this study on the efficacy of this naturally-occurring compound that is present in most people’s diet, for example in onions.


MCRI/IRCM has contracted Pharmascience Inc. (Montréal, as the regulatory agent and importer of record for the isoquercetin capsules that are being supplied by Quercis Pharma AG (Switzerland, ).

The first COVID-19 clinical trial approved by Health Canada that emanated from the ICAV Network is headed by Dr Chris Miller, of Vancouver, a longtime ICAV participant, “ I am very grateful to ICAV and for their support in my early research exploring NO gas as an antiviral. ICAV was key to helping and encouraging me to move forward during those challenging times, when no one believed that NO would ever be used as antimicrobial therapy. And here we are today, in Phase II clinical trials using NO to prevent and treat mild COVID-19 infected participants with the hope of helping everyone to return back to normal life even before the vaccine arrives.” vancouver-scientists-test-new-covid-treatment-1.495442


From its inception in 2004, ICAV has recognized the need for the international community to establish a capability to detect, contain and treat infectious diseases and pandemics promptly in both the developed and developing world. ICAV is thus proud to collaborate to the development of countermeasures that support the fight against COVID-19 through the two studies led by Dr. Chrétien and Dr. Miller.

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